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in washington have decided who would do the spending. frankly if you that healthcare should be between the doctor the family and the patient, and that between 15 bureaucrats in washington deciding what they are going to pay for we have a great health care system in this country. the problem is that it is too expensive we need to bring the cost down. my time is apparently. >> moderator: you can have five seconds, i'm sorry. >> you get 30 seconds for rebuttal. >> moderator: the initial question you get two minutes and then the responder it's one minute and then the initial person gets 30 seconds to clarify or rebut and then it goes to the next person and again we go back and forth and i cut mr. mcdowell short on that last one. i think that he hesitated and the card went up at the same time so i do apologize. mcdowell: i would like to respond to mr. benishek's comment and attack. first his attack is pants on fire. that means it's cut medicare by $6,400 a year per individual. >> moderator: we will get to that at this point but right now the question goes to you, mr. mcdowell what are your
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1